Geothermal Benefits

Why sell geothermal? Here are just a few of the many selling points of geothermal.

  • Lower operating costs

    Geothermal units operate more efficiently than ordinary heating and cooling systems. WaterFurnace units can save your customers up to 70% on their utility bills!

  • Safe and clean

    No flame, no flue, no odor, and no danger of fire or carbon monoxide. No fossil fuels burnt means clean earth-friendly living.

  • Quiet operation

    With our super-efficient compressor, soft-start, and variable speed fan, WaterFurnace units operate so quietly that some find themselves checking to be sure the system is actually on!

  • Comfortable

    Your customers don’t know comfort until they try geothermal. There is precise distribution of warm air in winter so gone are the uneven temperatures associated with regular furnaces. In the summer, you get dehumidified central air conditioning that is the ultimate in comfort. 

  • Flexible

    It doesn’t matter where your customers live or what climate is involved, WaterFurnace will deliver. A variety of configurations and sizes are available to fit any home – new or existing. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Geothermal systems harness the free renewable energy in your customers’ back yards to heat and cool their homes – they already own their land which means they own that energy. That energy is translated into the most efficient method of heating and cooling known today.

  • Reliable

    These systems are virtually maintenance-free and easy to sell. The microprocessor controls and state-of-the-art components allow smooth operation and worry-free consumers.