Worried about the environment and your carbon footprint? Installing and maintaining geothermal heat pumps are major ways to do your part in saving the planet – it is the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system available today – this coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It was also concluded that geothermal energy is more efficient and cost-effective when compared to conventional residential systems by the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Multiple branches of government are giving away stimulus money to make the geothermal switch more doable to more and more people. Even if you may not be so concerned with the environment, your leads are. Consumers want to be 'green' but at the same time want to be as cost-effective as possible – a WaterFurnace geothermal unit accomplishes just that.

Our geothermal units use no fossil fuels – fossil fuels are polluting the air we breathe so eliminating them is a main environmental goal. With no burning fossil fuels, threats of acid rain, air pollution, green house effect, and global warming are minimized. Actually, installing a single geothermal unit is like planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road forever – which is easier to accomplish?