The Envision is an all-in-one unit meaning it handles both heating and cooling. Envision products are certified by AHRI to be the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the planet. This is the top of the line and provides year-round comfort. The Envision completely replaces a traditional indoor furnace/outdoor air conditioning system.

Features of the Envision

  • Computer controlled components – ensure optimum performance and provide advanced troubleshooting features with status lights and self-diagnostics.
  • Utilize ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant to meet the most stringent EPA requirements.
  • Premium variable speed ECM blower.
  • High efficiency scroll compressor.
  • Appliance-grade metallic cabinet.
  • Coated air coils for added durability and longer life.
  • 7 single-speed sizes, 5 dual-capacity sizes, and a large variety of configurations for versatility.
  • All Envision units qualify for the 30% tax credit.